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Quick Overview


Concept, Design, Animation, Storyboards

Let’s get things moving! Watch the video for a quick overview of the broad range of different animation styles. For your story, I will design a dedicated visual language and style that connects with your audience.


Storyboards, Concept Visuals, Strategy Visuals, Comics

Loose energetic storyboard sketches, carefully rendered character illustrations… whatever is needed to tell your story in an engaging way. Take a moment to browse through the slideshow to get glance of my illustration skills and styles.

Recent Work

World Bank Re:Connect | Promo

Concept, Animation, Design, Storyboards

For the World Bank Group, I developed a video to promote the rollout of one of their conferencing and communication tools. With the Covid pandemic coming to an end, the video is focussed around the wish to re:connect with future ambitions, while re:turning to the good from the past. The branding from the specific communication tool is removed in the preview below.

Dalton | Strategy Poster


I regularly create strategy visualisations in the form of big posters. In a few sketching sessions with the client, we adapt the strategy plan in one big poster – often used both as a way to share future plans company-wide, and as a starting point for further discussion sessions (“praatplaat”).

Bison | Commercial


Storyboard sketches created for Bison Moisture Absorbers commercial created by production company Lukkien. Having worked as visualizer for Lukkien, I created storyboards and visuals for a range of their clients, including Philips, Domino’s and Swiss Sense.


About Me

Arjan van der Linden Animator Illustrator Storyboard Artist

Arjan van der Linden


Explainer animations, strategy visualizations, educational comics, commercial storyboards: they all tell a story.
Visual Storytelling is a the heart of what I create. Every story feels like a new  journey to discover the tone of voice, style and design that fits your story and your audience.We share the same goal: to immerse your audience in your world, your vision.

During the creation process, I keep an overview of the main story and regularly take a step back: is the message clear? How does this image fit in the flow of the story? Does it match the target audience? Sketch, write, build and correct, until all pieces of the puzzle connect together. I believe that text and image should create a synergy, where they mutually strengthen each other. I’m looking forward to visualize your story.

My Sketchbook

Figure Painting

To keep improving drawing and painting skills, I do a lot of figure sketching and painting. Every week, I attend a live figure painting session where we paint a couple of poses.


Thematic Figure Sketching

I like to join Schetssessie 2.0, once a month, sketching models in great, mostly self-made, fantasy costumes, along with nude figure sketching.


Digital Portraits

A selection of portraits created in Procreate on the iPad Pro. Thanks to Procreate’s process recording feature, I can show the creation process together with the final result.