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Arjan van der Linden Animator Illustrator Storyboard Artist

Arjan van der Linden


Explainer animations, strategy visualizations, educational comics, commercial storyboards: they all tell a story.
Visual Storytelling is a the heart of what I create. Every story feels like a new  journey to discover the tone of voice, style and design that fits your story and your audience.We share the same goal: to immerse your audience in your world, your vision.

During the creation process, I keep an overview of the main story and regularly take a step back: is the message clear? How does this image fit in the flow of the story? Does it match the target audience? Sketch, write, build and correct, until all pieces of the puzzle connect together. I believe that text and image should create a synergy, where they mutually strengthen each other. I’m looking forward to visualize your story.

Work Experience

Freelance Animator & Illustrator

2004 – current

As freelance animator, I developed films for: Peace Palace The Hague, Veronica foundation, ROC Brabant, Province of Utrecht, Citroën, FloraHolland, SchoolTV, Naturalis, UPC, Emmaus foundation. With the support of the Dutch Film Fund, I worked on the artwork and storyboards for an Il Luster Productions story called ‘Waterlanders’.

As freelance illustrator, I created comics and illustrations for: Coach Center, KRO, Staatsbosbeheer, Playability, LSR foundation, Warchild. With the LSR foundation, I co-worked on the research on the use of comics as communication tool for people with a mental disorder.

Graphic Design Consultant

january 2020 – current

The World Bank is the world’s biggest institution for development co-operation. The World Bank supports and invests globally in projects to reduce poverty, and increase sustainability and diversity.

For their broad range of projects, and partnerships, I develop internal & external communication tools: promotional videos, animations, infographics, illustrations, presentations, designs, etc. We work together with an international team that (mostly) based in Washington, India and Bulgaria.

Senior Animator & Visualizer

april 2016 – january 2020

  • Concept Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Production Supervision
  • Animation production

At Lukkien, I was responsible for the development of animation movies for clients like ABN Amro, UWV, Dutch Safety Board, Philips, TomTom, Danone, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Pepsico, DSV Logistics. For large projects, my focus was mainly on the development of the visual concept, and supervision on production.

One of my main strengths is to visualize complex information, while keeping a clear overview of the main message. On many different projects, was often asked to step in as a visual communication consultant.

Commissioned by live-action directors, I also worked as a commercials storyboarder for clients like Philips, Domino’s, Swiss Sense, Fonq and Lidl.

Audiovisual Designer

february 2012 – march 2016

Graphics and animations for all programs of the national news broadcast NOS: Journaal, Jeugdjournaal, Nieuwsuur, Studio Sport. Animations and infographics for NOS op 3 online.
Dealing with the dynamics of the actual news, the job also requires flexibility, a high degree of speed and efficiency, and the ability to deal with the pressure of very short deadlines.

Side projects:

  • Leaders, bumpers, set graphics, designs for yearly overviews (Jeugdjournaal)
  • Leaders, bumpers, set graphics, design plans for events like Sochi & WK Brasil (Jeugdjournaal)
  • Re-design leaders, bumpers and style for the NOS op 3 daily broadcast
  • Graphics and motion graphics for editorial web specials
  • Pilots

Key Animator

june 2009 – january 2010

As freelance animator, I created the key animations for the animated film ‘Zelfportret’ (Self Portrait). This film about Rembrandt is created by Thomas Coltof and produced by Il Luster Productions with financial support from The Netherlands Film Fund.

The animated film is presented at film festivals worldwide and won 2 awards:

  • ‘Award of Dubrovnik’ at the NAFF 2014 (Neum)
  • Best International Film at BlackRock Animation Film Festival 2012


Master of Arts


Master of Arts course in European Media (EMMA). Examined by the Open University in England.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

2003 – 2007

Bachelor of Design in Animation, followed at the faculty of Art, Media and Technology in Hilversum.

Courses & Masterclasses

Anatomy Drawing & Painting

weekly, 2015 – current

Weekly live anatomy study, since 2015.

Post-Bachelor Course


september – november 2020

Post-Bachelor Course

Head Drawing

june 2019

Weekend masterclass headdrawing teached by Disney veteran teacher Glenn Vilppu in Amsterdam.

Printing Techniques

february – april 2019

Portrait Painting

march – april 2018


Concept to Storyboard

august – november 2008

Masterclass with tutors Piet Kroon (The Netherlands/USA), Ruth Lingford (UK) and Konstantin Bronzit (Russia).

Cartoonschool Amsterdam

2000 – 2002

2-Year study in classic 2D animation, storyboarding and character design.